Re: credit card security -no padlock

From: Alun Jones (
Date: 11/18/02

From: (Alun Jones)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 15:54:06 GMT

In article <>, Tracker
<> wrote:
>"A.Z" wrote:
>> I was just about to provide my credit card number for the purchase of
>> a product when I recalled that I should check whether a padlock
>> appears somewhere on my screen indicating that the site is secure. I
>> did not find a padlock icon (where would it be? on the taskbar?? )
>No lock on a web site means the web site is insecure and any hacker will
>get the information you provide to the web site.

Nope. No lock means that the information that was presented to you on-screen
was not downloaded in an encrypted form. It does _not_ say whether your
credit card information will be submitted in an encrypted form or not.

In other words, if the padlock is on screen, you might _still_ be sending
unencrypted credit-card information; if the padlock is not on screen, you
might still be sending encrypted credit-card information. Sadly, the browser
makers screwed it up, and didn't bother to put the padlocks in the right

>This is the least of your problems. If your on a Windows Platform and
>didn't dis-able a number of services, including file and print sharing,
>the entire WORLD can see your hard drive.

Same could be said for just about any platform. Disable unnecessary services,
install a restrictive firewall, no matter what OS you run.


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