From: jaybee (bazinga9@hotmail.com)
Date: 11/11/02

From: "jaybee" <bazinga9@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 10:57:14 -0800

Configuration: Windows 2000 Professional standalone, Internet access is via
dialup with dynamically assigned IP address, firewall is ZoneAlarm Pro

My ZoneAlarm logs for the last couple of days have these entries right at or
near the beginning:

FWIN,2002/11/10,08:10:16 -8:00
FWOUT,2002/11/10,08:10:20 -8:00 GMT,,,UDP
FWOUT,2002/11/10,08:10:20 -8:00 GMT,,,UDP

FWOUT,2002/11/11,07:33:02 -8:00 GMT,,,UDP
FWIN,2002/11/11,07:33:04 -8:00 GMT,,,UDP
FWOUT,2002/11/11,07:33:06 -8:00 GMT,,,UDP

Can anyone tell me what these mean? I've had the product for about a month
now and this is the first instance of FWOUTs.

Thanks in advance.


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