Re: Random Numbers

From: Jem Berkes (
Date: 11/08/02

From: Jem Berkes <>
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 03:39:15 GMT

> The thermal noise of a (hot) resistor or a zenor diode with current
> flowing through.
> To get the numbers out of the noise you need an A/D converter - and
> here we go with determinism. Missing bits, effective resolution a.s.o.
> For most app's this will work, though.

Thermal noise is pretty good for randomness. I've heard the best way is to
take a reverse biased zener diode and observe the fluctuations of current
through the device. The zener breaks down and conducts in the reverse
direction due to a quantum mechanical tunneling effect. Find any
correlation in that, and physicists will love you for years to come :)

Jem Berkes
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