Re: USB Flash memory security

From: Fuzzy Logic (bob@arc.ab.caREMOVETHIS)
Date: 11/07/02

From: Fuzzy Logic <bob@arc.ab.caREMOVETHIS>
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 22:56:44 GMT (Offbreed) wrote in

> I'm using a Pen Drive to carry text notes from one computer to
> another, got tired of messing with different text editors and word
> processors so stopped by TinyApps <> and
> picked up several text editors to try out on the Pen Drive. While
> there, I noticed a few other interesting freestanding programs
> (e-mail, spreadsheet, browser, notes organizor, etc) that might be
> usable from the Pen Drive. Most of it freeware, BTW <G>.
> Several of the text editors I've tested leave tracks in the computer
> used to install them, and the document names show up on the "Recent
> documents" list (Win2000 and Win98SE). Does anyone know if other
> information regarding what is done with those documents is recorded in
> the computer used?

Install TweakUI from Micrsoft and there is a paranoia tab that will disable
the Document History and assorted other history functions.

> No security concern at the moment, just like to know what the risks
> are before they arise.