Re: IP address <--> Global Positioning System (GPS)

From: Michael Erskine (
Date: 06/18/02

From: (Michael Erskine)
Date: 17 Jun 2002 21:51:08 -0700

"Blah" <> wrote in message news:<KLYF8.4085$CC3.4475@sccrnsc01>...
> Actually, there is talk of doing just that. GPS devices have a unique
> identifier already, so it would be no issue to link that number statically
> with an IP v.6 addy, or dynamically with IP v.4. Either way, it would only
> be worthwhile in a Laptop or PDA devices (or other web enabled devices).
> The practiclal applications seem limited though.
Actually they are limited only by privacy concerns... myriad privacy concerns.