Re: Biometric authentication for intranet websites?

From: Scott Bussinger (
Date: 05/22/02

From: "Scott Bussinger" <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 18:26:16 GMT

> Personally I'd look for one of the hardware-token-based systems

Actually, it'd be much easier for a variety of reasons (there are bound to
be some people that can never get the knack of using the fingerprint device
for instance). The problem is that the users will get lazy and just leave
the token inserted into the machine the entire time (and probably walk away
from it periodically since these are generally shared-access machines).

The idea with using fingerprints is that they won't leave their fingers in
the sensors all the time. Another possibility is using a cardswipe system
and make them swipe the card each time. I'm just trying to figure out what
will work best.