Re: Password Protect a CD

From: Bill Unruh (
Date: 04/17/02

From: (Bill Unruh)
Date: 17 Apr 2002 16:16:42 GMT (Bryan G. Roy) writes:


]We are currently running a mix of Windows 2000 and NT 4.0 clients. I
]would like to know if anyone has a way of password protecting an
]entire CD. Once the CD is inserted in the users computer, the user
]would be prompted for the password. If the wrong password is entered,
]it denies access to (and maybe ejects) CD. We are using Adaptec CD
]Creator software - if that matters.

WEll, you could make the file system one of the encrypted file systems,
but your uses would then have to install that encrypted file system
under their own operating system. You might be leery about forcing your
users to alter their kernel, and all the legal hassles that could ensue
if problems arose.