Re: WinXP... what sneaky things does it try to do?

From: Max Polk (
Date: 04/12/02

From: Max Polk <>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 23:21:44 GMT

In article <>, says...
> My wife is getting a new notebook today that has WinXp installed. Is
> there anything I need to be aware of before we hook it up to the net?
> Anything that should be dismantled, removed, or rendered ineffective
> so Bill doesn't find out any more about me than I want him to?

Remember to turn off "Enable remote support" that shares your desktop
with help people. My question is "WHAT HELP PEOPLE?!?!?" That's in
Settings | Control Panel | System | Remote.

Also, I don't use ".NET" or Microsoft messenger. First time it asks
about .NET, JUST SAY NO! and it disobeys you and still tries to run
Microsoft messenger. You'll have to open it in the task bar, go to its
options and tell it to NOT RUN when windows starts, and do NOT RUN in
the background.

Also, when you first install XP, there are megabytes and megabytes of
system fixes and security patches. After you do all of them, Microsoft
messenger pops up again and reverses your decision to not run. You'll
have to open it again and tell it to NOT RUN when windows starts.

Also, it has a built-in firewall. Use your own or else at least use
theirs to protect yourself a bit.

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