Re: Looking for web site that allows encrypted web browsing (employer's internet access)

From: Steffi Richter (
Date: 04/11/02

From: (Steffi Richter)
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 20:31:39 GMT (Walter Roberson) wrote:

> Speaking as someone responsible for local network security:
> if my statistical analysis shows that you are exchanging an
> appreciable amount of data with a site that does not immediately
> appear to be work related, then I'm going to investigate what the
> site is, and possibly ask you about the site. If I did ask you
> about the site, I would probably ask you to -show- me the site.
> And if I were to discover that you were deliberately using the
> site in order to evade monitoring, then Someone Would Make A
> Decision About Your Case.

Not all companies treat their employees so poorly. Some companies have
more liberal computer usage policies, e.g., allowing online access for
personal surfing and shopping if it doesn't interfer with accomplishing
one's job.

In such cases, in order to avoid snooping eyes you could encrypt your
personal session using Virtual Private Network (VPN). Essentially, this
pipes your session through ssh, allowing you to surf, login to remote
machines, etc., and all that can be seen by a network sniffer is that
there is encrypted traffic flowing to a single remote IP. You need to
be careful that your computer itself is not being monitored, however.
If you can bring in your own laptop to work, that is one way to do it.