Re: Indicators of a lack of adequate IT security?

From: Dave Korn (no.spam@my.mailbox.invalid)
Date: 03/26/02

From: "Dave Korn" <no.spam@my.mailbox.invalid>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 12:18:29 -0000

"Robar Fenton" <> wrote in message
> I recently was asked (by a client) " What are some of the indicators
> that would lead you to question the adequacy of an organizations IT
> Security structure (i.e. in terms of protecting its network and
> limiting access to sensitive databases)?"
> This is a more complex question than the client realized. However, I
> agreed to provide an answer.
> Before I do so, I would appreciate any positive suggestions on what
> should be addressed in the answer (I will also provide them with some
> 'indicators of an adequate security infrastructure'.
> Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.

  What percentage of the fee your client is presumably paying you for
providing this service do we get? :-)


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