Re: How can I restrict user from accessing web mail service on the internet

From: Tweetie Pooh (
Date: 03/12/02

From: Tweetie Pooh <>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 16:46:55 GMT

Jeremy Bishop <requiem@org.praetor> honoured on Tue 12 Mar
2002 08:42:15a with news:a6kenj$1sah$

> Smally spake thus:
>> Dear all
>> I have a SonicWall SOHO-2 installed and it seems work fine on
>> proctecting us from outsiders, but not internal users - the thing is
>> that we will never know when user (internal) will take away our
>> company data. Before we have the internet connection, we can just
>> stop them by remove the floppy drive or get a drive lock. But now
>> since everyone can get into the internet so thay may send anything
>> they needed to the internet. We had stop other service (port) like
>> FTP (21) but we couldn't stop http or no one can get to the net.
> Block them from using the net then. It's what we do.
> You could even set aside some computers on a separate network for web
> browsing only. OF course, you'd have to have someone sit with them, to
> ensure that they weren't typing in data by hand. Oh, and don't forget
> the brainwipe when they leave for home. All it takes is a bit o'
> current in just the right place...
> (And yes, I am being serious.)

Oh dear, you have been detected sharing company secrets. I'm sorry but we
will have to take away certain privileges, like breathing, while this is

More seriously, if you can't trust your users there is something more
fundementaly wrong here.

I guess there is a difference between techies, like me, who don't care too
much about how problems get solved as long as they are and mangers who want
to hold on to everything. The 'net is there to share on. To get solutions
and to provide some. (Shouldn't give out data/trade secrets/confidential
stuff/etc). Managers want to get solutions but don't want to give back.
That's not fair.

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