Re: Windows Media Player executes WMF content in .MP3 files.

From: Alan J. Flavell (
Date: 03/03/02

From: "Alan J. Flavell" <>
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 12:20:05 +0100

On Mar 3, Rahul Dhesi inscribed on the eternal scroll:

> The best example of Microsoft's unpredictability is how Microsoft's
> Internet Explorer sometimes recognizes file types by their MIME type,
> sometimes by their content, and sometimes by theie filename.

RFC2616 prohibits this behaviour. Using other mechanisms to deduce
the content-type is permitted by RFC2616 "if and only if" no MIME type
is available from the sender.

> I think Microsoft should decide on one mechanism for identifying file
> types and stick to it and not keep changing its mind.

I think MSIE should (indeed, "MUST") conform to the mandatory
requirements of the interworking specification, before it can rate to
be a WWW browser.

But inside their operating system they have no mechanism for
associating MIME types with files, independently of the file naming
conventions etc. Seems they've left themselves no option than to use
different mechanisms in different contexts.

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