Re: Windows Media Player executes WMF content in .MP3 files.

From: Joe (
Date: 02/28/02

From: "Joe" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 14:38:31 -0500

"Alun Jones" <> wrote in message news:Oasf8.8003

> But he's right, you should have read his post the first time round.

Ahem... and I quote:

"My ex sent me an mp3 she'd dloaded on Gnotella"

He says his ex SENT him an MP3, not that she EXECUTED the mp3 or that SHE
had any problems with it herself.

"When this file is opened..."

He says, "When this file IS opened...", not "When SHE opened the file..."

"I don't use media player as my default..."

Again, he refers to himself, not his ex.

So I ask you to re-read the original message, as I already read it correctly
the first time around.

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