Re: Microsoft finally acknowledges the security drumbeats

From: Alun Jones (
Date: 02/10/02

From: (Alun Jones)
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 22:17:53 GMT

In article <tex98.18755$>, Roger Marquis
<> wrote:
>It does, however, further illustrate microsoft's approach to security.
>By granting themselves remote root-access to your system and
>write-access to your hard drive, at any time and for any reason (that
>they can remotely justify), they've created yet another fundamental
>security vulnerability.

It seems to me, from your quote, that this is language in a licence agreement,
not a technical description of functioning program elements. Microsoft have
previously claimed many rights and abilities in their licence agreements that
are not enacted in the software.

Since we're all familiar with attempts to produce automated updates being a
security issue, perhaps you could simply wait until such time as the automated
updates are a reality, rather than a lawyer's wet-dream, in order to sound the
clarion call to arms?



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