Re: Stopping unauthorized dialer

From: xpyttl (
Date: 12/27/01

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    From: "xpyttl" <>
    Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 08:12:22 -0500


    Since you used OE to post this, I assume you are using Internet Exploder.

    Click on Tools->Internet options

    Click on the Security tab

    Highlight the Internet globe

    Click 'Custom Level'

    There are about a bazillion choices here. Probably the best advice is to
    click 'Prompt' for everything that has that choice, 'High Safety' for Java.
    There are a few things you probably never want to allow, like 'Download
    Unsigned ActiveX Controls' and 'Initialize and Script ActiveX controls not
    marked as safe'. You will find some safe things promoting you which will
    get annoying after a while. You can set these to 'Enable' but I would
    advise being very cautious in doing this.

    Next, open up a Windows Explorer window. Select View->Folder Options.
    Click on the 'File Types' tab.

    There will be a long list of file types, exactly what they are and even the
    wording around the same file type will depend on what programs you have
    installed. For every file type that is either executable, a sound file or a
    video file (but not image files), highlight the file type, click 'Edit',
    then be sure the check box 'Confirm open after download' is checked. This
    way, any time someone tries to download an executable, either through mail
    or the web, you will be prompted before it runs and you can decide whether
    you think it's safe. The reason for audio and video is that there are ways
    of making these files actually be programs. People can more easily get
    suckered into opening a .wav than a .exe.

    Hope this helps


    "John" <JHN@nospam.thanks> wrote in message
    > I recently clicked on a link that automatically downloaded and ran a
    > program that tried to dial a 1-900 number. I didn't know that was
    > to do automatically. I'm guessing it was done using Java, my question is
    > how do I prevent unauthorized downloading and running of software? I
    > believe I was able to remove the program from my hard drive and the
    > registry.
    > BTW - This was a pretty normal site I visited (video games), so I was
    > surprised when this stuff popped up.

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