Re: Book "Cisco Firewalls"

Hank Schrader wrote:


So you're promoting a pirated copy of a copyrighted book. ...

Are you the group-idiot here?

Oh yes, a company that publishes documents and charges over $50 for them
(which is far greater than the paper and binding costs per unit) is
really going to dump a free .pdf download file - and dump it on some
online storage site over which they have no control, like filesonic.

Oh, and of course, a huge company like Cisco needs to bundle in spamware
for some "wow" e-reader which isn't even needed to view a .pdf file.
The users that this *book* targets already made their choice for a PDF
viewer app.

Instead of actually addressing the issue, you attempt subtefuge through
insults. It isn't lost on anyone that instead of rebuking my claim that
you change the topic. So you've proven my point. Thank you. Yes, it
must be my fault that you got caught.

Oh yes, I must be the idiot because Hank is such an expert Usenet
participant with his grand total of 2 posts (the same one here and in
the group).

Let's see how long the download survives. Cisco has been informed but
it'll be awhile before they act on it. Since you've been ever so
informative in your rebuttal to prove this download is legit, I've
decided to also inform filesonic since they aren't interested in
violating copyrights or DCMA, either.

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