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iggster wrote:

JClark wrote:

I have a Linksys router

Linksys has lots of models. Not a clue which one the OP happens to use.

Lately I notice [firewall] log entries when I boot up (and
continuing) which seem to suggest that the router is trying to send
the computer a UDP packet.

Blocked incoming UDP packet from to
source port varies anywhere from 9555 to 9599
destination port is 162

What does this mean?

Your router is sending SNMP traps. Go to its setup and disable it. If
you plan on using SNMP monitoring, then configure a specific IP address,
not the entire subnet.

You sure the traffic isn't due to UPnP discovery by the router? The OP
should see if the traffic stops if UPnP is disabled in the router's

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