Re: Help with understanding log entry

First off, how can you just "write a rule to permit it" if you do not understand what it is?
Your router is sending SNMP traps. Go to its setup and disable it. If you plan on using SNMP monitoring, then configure a specific IP address, not the entire subnet.

On 8/29/2010 5:50 AM, JClark wrote:
Hello Group,
I have a Linksys router and a Windows XP SP3 computer. My software
firewall is Deerfield Visnetic. Lately I notice log entries when I
boot up (and continuing) which seem to suggest that the router is
trying to send the computer a UDP packet.

Blocked incoming UDP packet from to
source port varies anywhere from 9555 to 9599
destination port is 162

What does this mean?
Should I write a rule to permit it?

Many thanks for any clarification.


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