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SOMFW wrote:
Greetings All!
I am not sure where to post this thread , so forgive me if this area
in incorrect.

I Have a situation that has so far stumped me and is driving me Nuts!

Recently my computer started freezing & Crashing big time, once frozen
nothing will

work, CTRL ALT DELETE wont kill anything. The only thing to do is push
the reset. If

I wait a few mins before hitting the reset button I will hear a Steady
Beep sound

coming from the tower

I have run every spyware program (spybot, malwarebytes, windows
Defender etc...)

Trend Micro house call, Hijackthis, CCleaner etc.... in Normal and
Safe mode, with

the Network disabled and All come up finding absolutely nothing. Two
weeks ago before the Crashing started it did however find a worm
called Kolab, which was hidden in the FastStone Image Viewer file of
2 of the 3 House hold PC's, which share the same Wireless Net, But
are not networked together.

My start list contains ONLY a single item which is a listing for the
My HP all in

one. Nothing runs in the background that isn't listed as System
Critical with the

exception of Windows Defender. I usualy turn off the HP entries under

running as I dont Scan often But must leave it in the Startup.
Otherwise I would have

enable it and reboot if I need to scan Something

What has been happening lately is any browser I use starts to eat up
the memory very

quickly, IE, chrome or firefox. They will go from 25,000k up to
800,000 and Higher

in a matter of minutes and if i am lucky enough to close them, Most of
the times they

continue to rise. This happens if it is one tab or several open,
and always

happens when downloading a file. However, the Freezes occur even if
the mem usage of

the Browser stay at normal levels. Other times it is the available
memory that starts

dropping like a rock while the CPU usage is listed as just a few %.
Recently to, the

PC has been Freezing even if the Internet is Unplugged and I am
just Typing or

Listening to music etc.. But mostly its with the net Enabled.

After a crash take place a really odd thing happens - Remote desktop
becomes enabled?

and 4 to 9 new exceptions appear under the Windows firewall which are
simply labeled

"Service". I have Exceptions Disabled and when I go to delete these
new ones I get a

message asking confirmation to delete TCP ##### Service. The # are
always different

and always 5 digits. The remote Desktop will Re-enable itself even
if the puter

does not crash. And also shows up under Exceptions as being Enabled.

The Comp is a P4 2.6 with 1.5GB ram, Running xp sp3

I tested my ram and got errors immediately, so I replaced the
chips,and a 12 hour

test! revealed no errors under memtest. However, after bootup is
completly finished

and the CPU usage settles down to about 2%. The Available memory is
listes as never

more then 1.1GB?
And usualy 1.0 or less. I have the Page file set to 2.5GB but have
also tried it with

the system managaing it, Either way the available memory limit is
always 2/3 or less

of the 1.5GB installed. This is with the Internet enabled or Disabled.

The Hardrive is only 3 months old and XP is totally up to date, I
dont know how to

test the motherboard or the Power supply but both seem fine from what
I know About


Hijack this list 6 entries after a scan 2 related to Spybot and 3 to
the browser

home page / Search and one for the HP all in one which must be in
the start up for

it to work. The HP thing pisses me off but I have never been able to
figure a work

around so I am living with it

Any info , suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. I would
like to avoid

buying a new computer and switching to 7 at all costs, However if this
is a hardware

and Not a SOftware / Virust type Issue, I would go that route rather
then dump $

into a 4 year old PC.
This computer and XP have served me well up until this and prior to
this, was much

faster and responsive then This vista loaded Laptop I am Writing this
on and My

DaughterS Vista Loaded Dual Core PC.

Thanks for the anticpated responces

I can be contacted at SOMFW@xxxxxxxxxxx if additional info from
testing is needed.

Though My writing Skills certainly don't hint at it, I am semi
Knowledgable with

Computers, and Have kept this machine 100% clean of Spy, Malware,
Viruses etc Up

until Know?

When my pc started freeze ups, it went away when I used new hard drives. I
had reinstalled on the old one, and still had the problem occasionally. [
W2K sp4 on dual 500mhz P2s with 768k ram ]

Why don't you visit , join the forums and
post your message there. They can walk you thru malware removal. That's the
right place for it.


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