Re: VMWare server/virtual firewall

On 11/4/2009 12:37 PM, undefined operator wrote:
Internet - router - (eth0 (physical) - virtualization of OpenBSD - eth1 (virtual) - virtual switch - eth2 (virtual) - Linux OS - eth4 (physical)) - second firewall (this one is setup already, no virtualization or anything) - physical switch - LAN

I hope that's making sense - everything in (), between the router and the second (physical) firewall, is running on the VMware box.

You can do this and it will work.

The think you will have to be careful of is making sure that the host OS does not bind any thing to eth0. (Bind your management IP to another interface that is connected elsewhere in the network (eth4?).)

Do be aware that your throughput will suffer compared to physical boxen. I did something similar to this years ago (and still do for some things) and a friend of mine said "the sides of the case are going to start bending with all the packets bouncing around in memory.".

Grant. . . .