Re: Best Firewall?? - follow-up

Nelson <replies-to-newsgroup-only@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 11 Aug 2009 01:32:40 -0000, Kulin Remailer wrote:
I'm tired off arguing about why I need a firewall that doesn't let
anything out.

Yes, people who have actually monitored what their software is doing
come away very disturbed about this.

BTDT. After configuring the chatty programs appropriately, only update
routines are connecting outbound. I fail to see why one would be
disturbed about that.

On the other hand, those who buy security software and look no
further, assuming that their security software is protecting them, can
be blissfully (if ignorantly) happy.

"ignorant" being the operative word. Particularly about personal
firewalls creating additional security holes.

The single worst offender is the MS Windows operating system. Again
and again, Windows components that perform a local task and have no
reason whatsoever to access the Internet are busy doing just that.

Name one that can't be configured to not do that.

Further, if blocked, they try multiple IP targets and try to hijack
other apps on your computer and connect through them.

Name one.

Besides, if the manufacturer of your operating system decided to have
the operating system phone home, no software running on top of said
operating system could actually prevent it from doing so. You do realize
that, don't you?

"If a software developer ever believes a rootkit is a necessary part of
their architecture they should go back and re-architect their solution."
--Mark Russinovich