Re: Best Firewall??

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Since Norton Security Suite has such good reviews this year, I'm
thinking of buying it. However, I'm wondering if there is a better
firewall available. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Also,
comments on the Norton Suite.

Here is a reliable source of information:

There are several free firewall options that are consistently rated in
the top group. There's no reason for you to pay for Norton if you can
get something else (rated higher, no less) for free.

I've recently switched to Kaspersky because I got it for free (after
rebates) from Fry's. It has done very well. Previously, I was using
Comodo, which also did very well.

I don't know how the current Norton suite is, but they have a bad
reputation in recent years, mainly having to do with the effort it takes
to get rid of it. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you backup your
system before installing the security product to make sure you can
easily roll things back if you don't like it.