Re: Astaro or Checkpoint?

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Hello everyone,
I need a suggestion, I have to replace a Zywall 5 with a better
product. My experience with Zyxel is not good, low performance and too
many false positive with IDP filter. I have read some datasheet of
Astaro (120/220) and Checkpoint (UTM-1 Edge Appliance) products, in
your opinion which is better? These are the feature I want:

- Router/Firewall
- At least 4 port for LAN / DMZ (6 if possible)
- IDP/IDS functions (if possible also antivirus function)
- Web Content Filter function
- At least 5 VPN connection

WatchGuard X550e devices with UTM are going to offer a better path.

If you really need 6 different DMZ Networks you will need a x1250E
device, if you just need 6 DMZ IP addresses, well, they really are not a
DMZ if they are in the same network as your LAN.

A WG firebox unit will provide LAN, WAN, DMZ network jacks, you assign
rules based on paths between those networks - they are real networks,
meaning that the DMZ is its own network, not just an IP inside the LAN.

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