Re: Split Brain Switch

Beery <mentorbeery@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Apologies if this isn't the right group for this question.

Can anyone explain what a split brain switch is? I've tried to locate
information on this without much luck.

The phrase split brain I'm only familiar with in the context of DNS
architecture e.g. split brain DNS.

It's conceivable that someone might contort the nomenclature and refer
to a switch that supports VLANs as being configurable in some sort of
split brain setup, but best I can tell that's far from any sort of
standard terminology for switches.

A google on "layer 2 split brain" talks of split brain as a rather
undesirable situation that can occur if you goof up a
high-availability pair of their firewalls:

I am, hwoever, curious what you come up with and what motivates the

Todd H.