Watching WTA Warsaw from work

There is a lot of interest in the WTA Warsaw tennis event,
this year, which is otherwise just a small "tune up" event
for French open.

Becuase of Maria Sharapova making her return to the game, I
am seeing connections from office networks all over Europe
to our audio and video streams of the event, whenever she
is playing.

And with British player Anne Keothvang playing in the first
match today, there are people watching and/or listening
from office networks ALL OVER the United Kingdom.

I offer three choices for video, you can go to Justin TV,
use Sopcast, or use our Windows Media feed. Since the
Windows Media feet is not in any vendor's filtering lists,
it can easily be tuned in from work. Just open Windows
Media Player, enter the IP and port for our Windows Media
streaming video server, and you can watch from the office
all day.

When Maria Sharapova is playing, we have had our server
CRASH under the load, with people connecting from office
networks all over Europe to tune in.

So for you admins in Europe wondering why people are
gobbling down bandwidth at 343K each, now you know why.
Everyone wants to tune in to watch Maria play.


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