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On Apr 16, 1:35 am, Shawn C <Shawn.C.3qo...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have been getting a random pop up that gives me a window with the
usual "Internet explorer cannot display webpage" message that comes up
when the computer cannot connect to a web site but the browser I'm
running doesn't come up with an error.  The address it is trying to
reach is ""; which is followed by a string of
numbers and letters.  I had run spybot a week ago and found a couple of
cookies or something and fixed them.  I have fprot antivirus and spybot
both of which I run frequently and are automaticly updated.  Is this
something I should be concerned about?  Or can anyone tell me how to
eliminate this?

Shawn C
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you are infected with malware of some description. Check for any
unscanned folders/ignore list in your anti virus and spybot. I have
found spybot to be generally very good, never used fprot, I would
recommend starting your PC in safe mode and running spybot and anti-
virus scans, if nothing foudn still, unistall fprot, install avast
free edition, start in safe mode again and scan again.