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We are carrying the swearing in of the 111th Congress on our new
online TV station, and there are a lot of connections coming from
office networks all over the place. Seems like a lot of people are
tuning in from work to watch the new Congress get sworn in.

I am, as I write this, seeing connections coming from office networks
all over the United States. Since my streaming TV server is not in any
filtering lists, all one has to do is plug the IP and port into
Windows Media player, and they will have the telecast on their
workstation in seconds. NO filtering means no circumvention, no muss,
no fuss, just plug the address into Windows Media Player and you are
good to go.
Who is connected right now reads like a whos-who of Corporate

I could IMAGINE what the load will be two weeks from today, we we
broadcast the Obama innaguration on our both our TV and radio

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