Problems using Google Earth and Maps... (When connected through router)

I am having issues when I am at home on my wireless router that i
don't have when I am at work. (I have a MacBook Pro laptop that goes
back and forth between work and home as well as an iPhone)

I noticed that when I am at home, and run google earth on the laptop,
that I get an error message saying it can't connect to some server.
I run the application at work and it works fine.

I use the maps application on the iPhone at home and get a similar
error when I use the WiFi connection. However if I disable the
wireless (and use the 3G) the maps application runs flawlessly.

Any Ideas what might be causing this? I suspect its a port that needs
opening, but I have no clue which port or what else in the router
would break these apps.

By the way I'm running a WRT600N with the latest (Canadian) firmware.

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