Re: Announcing the release of Anti-Steganography (AntiSteg v1.00)

seconserv wrote:

Announcing the release of Anti-Steganography (AntiSteg v1.00):
<snip - still trying to push an unneeded program>

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omitted in my reply as I'm not interested in this bozo's attempt to spam

You posted this off-topic tripe over in the alt.comp.anti-virus group,
too. Nobody cared there either. Nobody cares about your spam crap in
all the other groups you posted your off-topic garbage (see

No special software is required at all. The simplest method to get rid
of steggo content is to use any image viewer, especially one that has no
knowledge of or any capability to handle steggo content and convert it
to another file format. Convert .jpg to .bmp (and optionally back to
..jpg to return to the original format). Other techniques if to
recompress at a different ration, resize the image, or modify colors.