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I know that I have seen my listenership shoot up

Which doesn't change the fact that a properly configured network would
not allow what you need to waste company time on your crap.

I run all-Christmas music weekends, starting in Octoner and runnng
Christmas, and Saturday in Australia is Friday in America, and when
switchover takes place on Friday evenings, Australia time, I see my
listenership REALLY go up, becuase I play a lot the OOOLLDDDD
Christmas classics, such as the Chipmunk Christmas Song, or the
Barking Jingle Bells, or selections from the Phil Spector Christmas
album that many AM and FM stations don't play anymore in their
Christmas music playlists. When the "Holiday Oldies Weekend"
is on the air, I do pick up a lot of listeners on Fridays, U.S.
time, always did. But now with the option of using Windows Media
Player, it is now possible to listen from work, and keep the boss
from knowing what you are up to, if you know what you are

And the listenership should soar even more when I go all-Christmas
(when not doing live programming), in mid November.

And I see nothing wrong with listening to Christmas music from work,
long as you are getting your work done.