Replacement for Symantec Protection Agent?

As a condition for accessing my employer's network from home, I had to
have approved anti-virus and firewall apps installed on my home PCs.

I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3 on all my home machines.

They gave out copies of Symantec AntiVirus and Symantec Protection
Agent, but I'm changing jobs and the SPA wants to talk to an update
server on my current employer's network from time to time and I won't
have access to it any more.

Both SAV and SPA are rather intrusive and resource intensive, but I
like SPA's ability to selectively prevent apps from making outbound
network connections, so I'd like to have a replacement that has that
feature. Cheap (or free) would be a nice feature too.

Any suggestions for a software firewall with the ability to
selectively block outbound connection attempts?

Bert Hyman | St. Paul, MN | bert@xxxxxxxxxxx