Re: Is Comodo the best FREE firwall?

On Sat, 04 Oct 2008 22:36:32 -0400, Miss Crystal Light wrote:

Am I covered pretty much? I do a lot of online banking and I am always
afraid of being hacked.

That could depend on what browser you use and whether you allow web
sites to save cookies.

I am using FireFox, the latest version. Should I allow cookies to be
saved? Some sites will not open unless I do so. Your thoughts, please?

I do not know anything about the router except I do not use it in
wireless mode. The cable from my cable HS provider goes into the
router and then into the cable modem and then into the computer, all
connected by cables.

Have you actually disconnected the wireless antenna from your router?

Yes, a long time ago.

I often visit the web site "ShieldsUp":

I will visit that site too.


If anyone visits "ShieldsUp" have a read of the web page and if
satisfied press "Proceed"

Is there anything else I should be doing and considering the above,
should I go ahead and turn the XP firewall on? It might already be.

Don't turn on the XP firewall it only protects against incoming alerts
which are already attended to by your router.

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