Re: Needed: simple incoming IP blocker - recommendations?

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Needed for XP machine: a simple incoming IP blocker - any

No, XP's built in firewall wont do what I needt. I want to (example)
block anything outgoing from my PC to a specific IP/port (like on port 54538) as well as block incoming.

Your original question is quoted above. "a simple incoming IP blocker"
you said. So are we to believe that original question, or are we to
believe this follow up for a not-so-simple-anymore per-port per-ip
incoming/outgoing IP blocker?

*Any* software firewall you install on your XP system can be
defeated by software. If you want security, you are better off
doing it a hop removed, on a device that either doesn't have
UPnP or has that feature disabled.