Re: Likelihood of IT using a Packet Sniffer

Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers <usenet-2008@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Skywise <into@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It's just that I see so much on TV, etc... of people whining when they
get in trouble for doing personal stuff on the company computer, as if
it was their God given right that was just tread upon.

I agree with this point.

But I have to wonder, would a person not take or quit a job just
because they can't have access to their personal email from the
work computer?

Well, it certainly isn't a god-given right, but you keep your employees
happy (and thus more productive) if you allow them to stray every once
in a while. Provided they get their work done, that is.


For anyone that's worked in such a draconian environment, a fascist
policy and technical controls that prohibits an employee accessing
some personal email during the day tend to be just one symptom of a
much larger trust problem.

For many tech workers, it'd be akin to prohibiting a personal cell
phone on the premises, or having a strict prohibition against the
taking of any personal calls on the work phone line.

That's not to say there aren't job roles where such prohibitions are
required, or tend to attract workers that wouldn't get their shit done
otherwise. My work, however isn't in such space.

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Todd H.