Re: Free MySpace, Facebook, YouTube Proxies!

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"Sebastian G." <seppi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Chilly8 wrote:

One use for my VPN server is when I go to countries that heavily
censor the Internet. I can bypass the local censorship by using
a VPN connection to my server elsewhere. With the strong
encryption, I cannot be monitored by government censors,

But it can be simply censored by not allowing any such connection in first
place. D'oh, that's exactly what China does!

However, I have my server in a server farm, and not on any of
the blocking lists, in China or Cuba. I test this, often, by connecting
to my web site, also running on the same server, through open proxies
in China and Cuba, and my web site is currently accessible from
China and Cuba.

The way China does it, is by fiddling with their DNS services,
so a particular name, will not resolve. This could by bypassed by
using the raw IP number for my server.

since the connection cannot be analysed,

cracked, monitored, or sniffed.

It can be analyzed, trivially. Both by the headers as well as by the
statistical significant pseudorandomness of the paylod.

But with the connection encrypted, and going through my
server, they cannot find out that I am accessing banned sites,
while in the country.