Re: Security Configuration.

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Yvonne York wrote:
How can Vista (no router) be configured not to use TCP/IP as transport protocol for NetBIOS, SMB and RPC, thus leaving TCP/UDP ports 135,137-139 and 445 closed.
The best to my understanding is that Seconfig and the application offered by work with WinXP only.

Hi Yvonne,

Since the latest version of SMB (which used to use the NetBIOS ports) has been replaced with CIFS (which uses TCP 445);
unbinding NetBIOS from TCP/IP will not close 445 down.

The new version of CIFS does not need NetBIOS, hence you can access UMB shares by using the \\ipa.ddr.ess.poo

Only by removing 'File and Printer Sharing' can that be closed.

Thanks for response Jason.
BTW, Davies of Seconfig advised that a Vista compatible version is in the making.