Re: Adobe Flash Updater accessed internet....but how?

petethebloke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Your assumption that "people" never bother to check functionality is
not quite correct in my case - I use GRC's ShieldsUp scan

Which in turn proves my statement, since this lousy web application of the well-known charlatan Gibson is about the most wonderful creator of fantasy reports I've ever seen.

I don't expect this to make me totally cracker-proof but
I imagine most script kiddies will move on to easier pickings.

With only two missing points:

- Your system is trivially vulnerable.
- Scripts are not intelligent enough to tell differences. They simply fire out all exploits and wait for the compromised systems to report back.
- It's not about them choosing your machine, it's about you choosing their webservers. Just surfing to a website is enough to compromise a system running ZoneAlarm, and since many legitimate websites including content from untrusted third partys, it's not like you could avoid this.