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Thanks for the response Steve.
Should have been more explicit - ESET Security Suite installed on the
host PC and was not letting virtual machines access the local
workgroup or the internet via bridged networking. Switching the
virtual machines to NAT enabled the connections.

However, I've just de-installed ESS & VMware then installed the latest
version of ESS (3.0.621) followed by a re-install of VMware and
everything appears to be working via bridged networking. Guess it was
a problem with the older version of ESS, network gremlins or just me !

Have a good Xmas.

Cany you tell me, in what order are the "eset personal firewall" and "vmware bridge protocol" displaying in your lan connection's protocol list?
In my case the eset is on top of vmware protocol, maybe that's the problem?

That's definitely not the problem, since it"s not a priority list.

However, I'd say the problem is obvious: ESET Personal Firewall is one of the typical personal firewall scams, where clueless people actually take the obviously ironic overstatements of the promised functionality for serious, and at the same time don't bother to even look at the implementation - which would tell them that the actual functionality of this software is to create random network errors as well as security problems.

Version 3 of their antivirus is rather like that too.;)