Re: Wedding Planning Sites - NOT unethical

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"Leythos" <void@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
In article <fmr298$fhn$1@xxxxxxxx>, chilly8@xxxxxxxxxxx says...
They were NOT breaking
any New York laws by using my proxy to tune in to the event.

Actually, many school systems have policy, signed by parents and kids,
that permit the school to permanently disable their computer accounts
for such violations.

You are unethical.

Another good example, some years ago, was one girl who was a
student at Bob Jones University. She told me that her parents
did not agree with some parts of the Internet usage policy, so
they set up an encrypted link on the parents broadband link at
home. When she went to surf the Net, she would make an
encrypted connection to her parents computer, and then
surf the net from there. There is no POSSIBLE way the
admins at Bob Jones University could EVER figure out
what she was up to. They would know she was making
an encrypted connection to her parents computer, but
would never know where she was going beyond her
parents computer. Bascially, her parents gave her a
private link to circumvent the University's filtering
system, and in the four years she was there, the
university never got wise to what she was doing.


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