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Another possibility is to use a News Provider that doesn't have their
head up and locked and actually has a real live person (or more) who
monitors what's going on and filters the obvious crap before your
news reader (or news downloading tool) even has a chance to see it.
You're correct that Windows Live Mail has poor filtering capability,
but it's good for Hotmail which is my main reason for using it. I some
other NG readers though, such as Gravity.
Never saw a reason/need for Hotmail. Any mail from a hotmail account is
assumed to be spam as no one would be using it for business, and at work
If they are on the road they might. Someone would almost certainly use
a Hotmail account, if they are away on a business trip to get thier Email.
One would just simply set the forwarding on their work Email account to
forward everything to their hotmail account, then they can pick up their
Email while they are on the road.

No, in a sensible company they will be provided with some method of
accessing their company email account if they are expected to read it.
For example by being provided with company WebMail access or a
Blackberry. There are many other solutions that do not rely on relaying
email to an external email account.

I travel a lot running my online radio station, and I use hotmail, when I am
on the road, to get my Email. When you are travelling, it is the most
convenient way to keep in touch.

Personally I would find it the *least* convenient method. However my
company provides webmail for when I can't use my company notebook and
other methods for when I can. The same with my personal email.

It sounds to me as if we're mixing up outgoing and incoming mail. I get
most of my incoming e-mail via Yahoo (using YPOPs!, which emulates POP3
on a localhost port), or through a free Fastmail account (using IMAP),
but all my outgoing mail (and news posting, I believe) goes through the
SMTP service provided by my ISP.

I haven't thought about what other SMTP servers I might use away from
home, but fortunately, my ISP has plenty of access numbers all over the
place. I believe YPOPs! is capable of emulating SMTP through Yahoo!'s
webmail interface, but I haven't tried it.

Marshall Price of Miami
Known to Yahoo as d021317c

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