Re: Newsgroup filtering with host server software

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Holiday Season Greetings.

I'd like to setup something like Hamster to filter NG's since Windows
Live Mail filtering is pretty inept. Hamster may be fine, but I only
saw the German site when I went looking to download it.

Seeing as how Hamster was created by a German author - that's sort of
expected, isn't it?

Can someone recommend an app that is well supported in English (site
and/or download link appreciated)?

However, if you insist on using windoze, you will be somewhat limited in
your choices.

Windows is a MUST for computing existence. You cannot get along
without Windows, for many applications. For example, to run my
online radio station through Live 365, I HAVE to use Windows.

If you are not using Windows, you are missing out on a lot of stuff.