Re: Newsgroup filtering with host server software

I'd like to setup something like Hamster to filter NG's since Windows Live
Mail filtering is pretty inept. Hamster may be fine, but I only saw the
German site when I went looking to download it. Can someone recommend an
app that is well supported in English (site and/or download link

Why not use a real, actual, Usenet client instead of the broken email
clients that MS provides?

If you provided a little more information - what are you wanting to

A number of public NG's that I frequent are being spammed so bad they are unusable. alt.comp.freeware is a good example. Users and domains can be blocked in Windows Live Mail (WLM), but then the message store has to be reset to actually remove the blocked messages. I'd like to be able to filter all this crap so that it doesn't reach the newsreader at all, but if I can't do that I'd like to use a reader that immediately removes messages after the senders are marked as blocked. Outlook Express worked this way, but WLM doesn't. I thought that a local server like Hamster might be a good way to exert more control, but perhaps a better reader would be enough?