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Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers wrote:

Not meaning to support the troll, but KillDisk should indeed prevent
forensic tools from recovering data (provided it does overwrite the
harddisk as it claims). Doing that will take some time, though. And
leave you with a blank harddisk.

Still requires admin rights, which shouldn't be the case in a company IT
environment. Still it wouldn't be hard for the user to write to every file
has he access to, and thus eliminate any traces created by software
running in his context.

There is a new solution now for listening to Live 365 from work, for U.S.
listeners. If you have a compatable cell phone, you can now download a
program into your cell phone, that will let you listen to Live 365 from
any compatable cellular network in the U.S. Just download into your
cell phone, plug in your headphones, and enjoy. Or if you have a
"patch cable", just plug into the line-in jack in your work PC, and
listen through your PC's speakers. However you listen, using
Mobile 365 and your cell phone, there is no POSSIBLE way the
boss can monitor what you are doing, since its your cell phone
carrier that is handling the traffic.And since all the patch cable
is doing is plugging the output from your cell phone earphone
jack into the line-in on your PC, there is NO extra software
needed, so NOTHING will show up in any event logs.
As long as the PC is turned on, the music will flow through
the speakers.


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