Re: Cyber Monday

In article <fij9he$bm2$1@xxxxxxxx>, chilly8@xxxxxxxxxxx says...
Well, 14,000 users using my proxy, on Monday, to access shopping sites from
work, can't be wrong. It proves the old saying "where there is a will, there
is a

No, it proves that many companies don't believe in blocking first and
only business necessary sites/access second.

The default rule in firewalling is Block everything, then permit only
what is needed. Many of the newer admin types and many smaller business
owners will go with the Allow everything and block only what they
believe is a threat - just the opposite of how it should be.

So, what you're seeing is the users behind weak security solutions - you
are NOT seeing users from behind properly secured networks.

Again, you clearly show that you don't understand networking, firewalls,
security, how things actually work.


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