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My proxy is an entry node onto the Tor network, so its pretty well
anonymous. The boss would knwo that a person connected to my
proxy, but would know where a worker went beyond that. Being
that its a Tor entry proxy, it provides a good level of anonymity.

And it would stick out like a sore thumb in the monitoring and logs....

However, it would not be known where someone went beyond

It doesn't matter if they know what it being connected to, only that it
is not BUSINESS APPROVED - and that's as simple as it gets.

During cyber-monday, I had over 14,000 total hits to my proxy
through the day, nearly all of them coming from corporate network
IPs all over the United States of America, and almost all of them
going to every kind of shopping website imagaineable. And for
each of the those 14,000-plus employees, the boss will NEVER know
what they are up to, becuase I run an "elite" proxy, effectively
making corporate transparent proxies USELESS in finding out
where they final destination was.

I set up the proxy that so people could circumvent the company
firewall to listen to Live 365. Not all proxies work with Live 365
web player, but mine does. As I write this, I have several people
coming into my proxy from workplaces in Australia, listening to
my Live 365 station, through my proxy. My listenership always
goes up from October 31 through Deccember 25, when I add
Christmas music to the mix. All one needs to do is download
and install Winamp on their work PC, sign on to Live 365
and change their listening preferences to launch the station via
Winamp, change the proxy settings in Winamp to use my proxy,
and they will be listening to my station, on Winamp, via my proxy,
and in short order. The recent changes to Nanocaster, on Live 365,
no longer allows Windows Media Player as a third-party player,
but you can still have the site launch Winamp and commence the
stream that way, and it will work through my proxy. Its just
matter of changing proxy settings in both Winamp, and in
either Internet Explorer or Firefox, and you are good to go.


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