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My proxy is an entry node onto the Tor network, so its pretty well
anonymous. The boss would knwo that a person connected to my
proxy, but would know where a worker went beyond that. Being
that its a Tor entry proxy, it provides a good level of anonymity.

And it would stick out like a sore thumb in the monitoring and logs....

However, it would not be known where someone went beyond
my Tor entry proxy, or even my phpProxy (if I ever get the problem
with it fixed). I had an incredible peak load on my Tor proxy, during
Cyber Monday, as I thought I would, and the total number of hits
to my proxy nobody would ever believe. But I can say that I had hits
from THOUSANDS of corporate network addresses during
Cyber Monday, as online shoppers logged on from work, through
my proxy, to do their online holiday shopping. I am sure I more
than did my part to contribute to the holiday economy yesterday,
given the total number of hits to my proxy thorugh the day, allowing
people to bypass the company firewall and do thier online holiday