Re: Cyber Monday

Chilly8 wrote:

That is why people like me run public anonymity proxues, so that
people can bypass the company filtering proxy. And it is just a
matter of changing a few proxy settings to get the proxy to

Please lookup the keyword "transparent proxy" in your tech manual. Please read and understand.

Oh, and by the way, maybe you should lookup a typical company's IT usage agreement. Something about "not circumventing technical installations" and "you'll get fired it"...

And I did see a lot of hits today on my proxy as people logged
in to shopping services, from work, through my proxy, so that
they could do their online shopping and the boss will NEVER
know what they were up to. The boss would know that somoene
went to my proxy, but where they went beyond that, there is no
POSSIBLE way they coiuld find out.

And now, after you looked up "transparent proxy", you should also lookup "man-in-the-middle" and "root certificate installation".