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Not with Evidence Eliminator. As I have said before, because I cross
international borders a lot, I use it to destroy any illegal stuff
that might be there without my knowledge. EE and KillDisk defeat even
the best forensics. Even EnCase, the best police forensic analysis
tool on the market, cannot recover anything that has been destroyed
by EE and/or KillDisk.

snicker. Keep believing that looser.

Not meaning to support the troll, but KillDisk should indeed prevent
forensic tools from recovering data (provided it does overwrite the
harddisk as it claims). Doing that will take some time, though. And
leave you with a blank harddisk.

Yea, and well all know that he's not going to KILL HIS DISK each time he
travels, not to mention that we would not even need his computer to
track him - he's already shown that he is willing to do wire-fraud and

That is NOTHING in offering an anonymous server that is wire
fraud. It is NOT wire fraud to circumvent the company's