Re: Leaving computers on after work?

In article <fevo5c$a2g$1@xxxxxxxx>, chilly8@xxxxxxxxxxx says...
I have a bloke from England in one of my chat rooms dedicated to
coverage who is using encrypted tunnel to his residential DSL
line on these new 25 megabit lines they have in England, and the
he is tunneling out from there to my server, and he this guy is
even BOASTING in my chat room right now that the boss
will NEVER catch him, and he may well be right, if he is
using strong enough encryption.

Like you, there are a lot of DUMB people out there.

If his employer has a firewall that can provide real-time monitoring,
the tunnel is very easy to spot and will get the chap booted. Tunnels
are the easiest things to see/detect.


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