Re: Leaving computers on after work?

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In article <fet5uo$euc$1@xxxxxxxx>, chilly8@xxxxxxxxxxx says...
Just change your browser setting to any public Tor
entry server, and you are good to go.

And when the connection is found by the IT department in a network that
is not properly secured - they will be disciplined for company policy
violations. In the case of a properly secured company network your "just
change your settings... " would not work, as they would not be permitted
access to non-company approved websites.

Well, I will say this. We are covering the WTA Zurich tennis tournamant
this week, and I am seeing connections from corporate networks all over
Europe. I have 136 on my message board right now, and I would say
about 90 percent of them are coming from corporate networks all over

When doing sports and talk programming, there are other feeds I turn
on, and between that, and the message boards, I am pulling about 9.6
megabits transfer rate right now, and nearly allow it from corporate
networks in Europe, and some users on corporate networks in the
Eastern USA are conecting now, as the workday is just about to
begin there. The number of people connecting from coroprate
networks in Europe to various forms of our coverage right now,
is staggering.

As the workday begins for you there, someone could be tuned in
to one of the various forms of our coverage, right now, and you
might not spot it right away, if they are using the message forums.